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Our mission is to help individuals recover their lost or stolen valuables through our global community-driven watch database finder.

Search to check if a watch has been registered lost or stolen.

Report the details of a lost or stolen watch in order to help us find, match and facilitate the return to its rightful owner.

We also offer Trauma Support counseling sessions to victims of theft.

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Search our database to check if a watch has been registered lost or stolen.

We have an extensive offline database of registered watches. We only display our 5 Most Recent Searches.

We aim to reply with the result of your Search within minutes.


Report a lost or stolen watch to Valuables Recovery by sending us an email and providing the following details: 

1. Brand

2. Model name and reference

3. Serial number

We aim to register the watch on our database within minutes.

Notice: we will never share your personal information.


Once a Report has been submitted, Valuables Recovery will carry out ongoing checks to help find, match and facilitate the return of the watch to its rightful owner.

All parties involved will be contacted at immediately. 

We offer full assistance to any law enforcement agency or insurer that may wish to investigate or seize the watch.

If appropriate, we will assist in negotiating an amicable settlement with any good-faith holders accordingly.

Trauma Support

Valuables Recovery offers trauma support counseling sessions to victims of theft. We know how traumatic the experience can be. Your mental health and overall wellbeing is our concern and we are here to help you move forward.

Contact us via email for a free 15-minute consultation to learn more.


Our Story

In 2018/ 19 there were over 231,000 reported thefts in London by the Metropolitan Police (MET). 

In the Summer of 2019, I also became a victim of a watch robbery in Mayfair, London.

The experience left a profound impact on my desire to help people who have gone through similar experiences and recover what has been unwillingly taken from them.

- Ben, Founder

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We are passionate about helping rightful owners reunite with their stolen possessions by offering accessible guidance and
support throughout the recovery process.

Ben, Founder



London, United Kingdom
Geneva, Switzerland

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